How to play basketball well?

Are you looking to improve your basketball game?   Theres always room for improvement in everything that we do and even the professionals are training their hearts out every day.  There are some key simple things that you can work on that will make you much better player and this article will be covering them.




When learning proper dribbling technique it is important to focus on not just dribbling but your posture.  Staying light on your feet and feet at shoulder width while keeping the ball lower then your waist while bouncing the ball.  With repetition comes expertise so practicing your dribbling often is very important.  It will allow you to understand the force couple relationship between dribbling soft and hard.  It’s also important to practice dribbling with both hands.  You are only as good as your weak side so doing sets of 30  with your right hand and then switching to your left and repeating for 4 sets is a great practice drill.




Once you have mastered the art of dribbling you can now focus on alternating hands while moving.  You can even switch it up by going in a zigzag while transferring from right hand to left.  Set up an obstacle for yourself and dribble around it with one hand at a time and then alternate back and forth.


Eyes Wide Open


A key component to being a really good player is getting to the point with your dribbling that you no longer need to watch the ball.   This will allow you to keep your head up and eyes around the court. This will allow you to see where you can take that important shot or make an assist to another player.




The other key components that make you a good player is understanding that passing the ball is a main part of the game.  It doesn’t matter who scores as long as you are helping move the ball along.  So make sure you practice your defense, improve upon your teamwork regularly, practice your shooting skills, and continue to work on the basics as they will always make you a better overall player.




The last key thing is knowing you can be great.   Stay motivated and keep practicing and you will continue to get better. There are so many Inspirational Basketball Quotes online that will help you continue to stay motivated and driven while learning the game.  So do what it takes to push yourself to new limits and go out there and get it.

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