How To Conceive A Boy

Childbirth is among one of nature’s best miracles when you start a family. Couples who are trying to have a baby have often left the sex of their child unknown for the element of surprise. Not so these days, many would be parents want to know the sex of the baby before it is born and still some have gone to great lengths to increase their odds of having either a boy or girl. Just call it wanting to be prepared, but whatever the case may be, there are many natural methods used in how to conceive a boy and some have sworn by some of these methods.


Science has made the chances more predictable if you prefer to spend thousands of dollars to go that route. Many couples do not have $20,000 to spend just to get these kinds results. They prefer a more natural approach. The first method is knowing when ovulation is occurring. There are ovulation kits that you can buy in drug stores and grocery stores that will help you know when this event is taking place. This is a key element in determining the sex of the child because boys are conceived when you are closer to your ovulation cycle.


Boy sperm also swim faster than the girl sperm but they tend to die a lot sooner as well. The position in which you have sex will also increase your odds of having a boy as deeper penetration allows for the male sperm to reach the uterus without having to swim so far to get there, thus less chances of dying off before they accomplish their mission.

The vagina is normally acidic in nature. When it is in more of an alkaline state, this gives the male sperm ideal conditions in which to survive longer. When you eat foods that are salty, drink soda and eat red meats, this produces an alkaline state within the vagina and helps the male sperm to thrive. This too can help increase your chances of having a boy.

Sperm count matters and the more sperm that the male can produce the higher the chances that more male sperm will reach the uterus. Men should opt for wearing boxers over briefs. This is because it provides a cooler and less constricted environment for the testicles which increases sperm count. Another key is to avoid ejaculation several days before having sex.

For females, having an orgasm before your partner increases the odds of having a male child as this also helps to produce that alkalinity within the vagina. The Shettles method makes mention of this fact and you can research this method online or in books that teach you how to use it in predetermining the sex of your baby.

Wive’s tales have their place too, and while some balk at the idea, others have taken heed in these old methods. Coffee may be a factor in determining whether or not you have a boy. It is said that men should drink a cup of coffee before having sex to increase the likelihood of a boy. Since male sperm swim faster, coffee gives the body energy and may help those sperm swim faster and reach the uterus more quickly.

Babies are a joy to have, and while we may want a certain gender we will love our children no matter what. Our modern world is full of surprises no matter how much we pre plan and prepare for certain events. These natural methods about how to conceive a boy may help in predetermining your baby’s gender but there are never any guarantees. Resource:

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