Health Benefits Of Happiness

Even on its own, being happy sounds pretty good and we have been taking it for granted for years. Only in recent years have people finally begun to appreciate the benefits that they reap through happiness and the positive emotions it generates. The health benefits of happiness are myriad and some of them are highlighted below:

Broadening your focus

Happiness paves way for a horde of positive emotions such as joy, excitement, curiosity, wonder and contentment and they can all aid in expanding the focus of your attention. Your focus becomes narrowed when you are angry as it is directed towards the object of your anger or wrath or the source of your frustration. Your mind becomes bent on destruction, but when you are excited, your mind is open and ideas and intellectual possibilities flow freely. This is why happiness is essential for being productive at work and having a healthy bottom line.


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Problem-solving ability

When you are finding it difficult to solve a problem and becoming increasingly frustrated, a good laugh is all you need to fix it. Humor is basically a lubricant through which your thought processes are able to discover a solution. Creativity is the mechanism underlying effective problem-solving. For your mind to be more creative, it’d be a good idea to read some happiness quotes online.

Physical resources

When you are happy, you become more playful and become interested in physical activities such as tennis, golf, running marathon, water-skiing and scuba diving. You will exercise more when you are happy because your self-esteem gets a boost. In simple terms, happiness encourages physical fitness such as improved heart-lung function, stronger muscles and increased flexibility.

Intellectual resources

When you are in a positive frame of mind, you tend to learn more. Education becomes enjoyable when you are happy and having fun because it means that you pay attention. Again, reading some inspirational quotes about being happy in life is a good way to uplift your spirit and maintain a calm and happy state.

Social resources

It is natural for you, as a human, to gravitate towards positive and happy people. This means that if you don’t want to be treated well, you can be as negative as you want. However, if you are interested in developing a rapport with people, then you really need to be a happy person, at least most of the time.

Counteracting negative emotions

One of the best antidotes to rage is happiness. It is not possible for positive and negative emotions to exist at the same time so you can replace all negative thoughts and feelings when you are happy. It is the escape you need to leave a peaceful and successful life.


When you are angry and under stress, your blood pressure is more likely to shoot up than when you are happy. In worst cases, you can also suffer from a stroke or heart attack. In contrast, with positive emotions like happiness, you can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure too. The effects of stress can be eliminated with happiness and positive emotions thereby protecting your health in the long term as stress is known to be highly damaging for both physical and mental health.

Thus, you should stay happy if you want to stay healthy.


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