How to get rid of a hickey fast

Ok, in the heat of the moment, a hickey may have seemed like a great idea, or perhaps alcohol consumption played somewhat of a role in your clouded judgement, but the next day, when you see the mass of red and purple on your neck, or anywhere else on your body, all of a sudden what was once a great idea a few hours previous, is now in fact a pretty idiotic one. If you’ve got class, work, a family function, or even just daily errands in public to run, you’ll want to get rid of your hickey as quickly as possible, and rightfully so. A hickey, also known as a love bite, or a kiss mark, is basically a form of bruise, which in some cases, can actually look pretty dramatic. They’re caused via broken capillaries on the skin, and although they heal over time, just like with other bruises, they certainly aren’t going to vanish overnight. There are however, ways of helping to speed up the healing process and get rid of hickeys much quicker than usual. Here are a few tips on how.


Use a cold compress – In order for a hickey to heal, blood clots have to be broken up in order to allow the blood to spread out. This process can actually be sped up by applying a cold compress to the affected area of skin as it constricts ruptured capillaries and can therefore reduce bleeding. One of the simplest forms of cold compress is to place ice cubes in a paper towel and apply them to the skin for around 10 – 15 minutes. Repeat this process 2 – 3 times throughout the day, and always use a paper towel as ice directly on the skin will result in painful ice burn. Alternatively you can use a bag of frozen food wrapped in a towel, or if you have one, a professional cold compress.


Natural peppermint – Peppermint is another very effective treatment for hickeys as it helps to enhance circulation, which also helps to speed up the healing process of the capillaries. To use natural peppermint oil, apply it directly onto the skin, no more than twice per day. To begin with you will feel a slight tingling, though that will quickly subside and pass.


Massage the area – Again, one of the main reasons why hickeys tend to look so dramatic is because of blood underneath the surface of the skin which has pooled up and is unable to go anywhere. In order to help the blood to move and to break up blood clots, gently but firmly massage the skin on the affected area using two fingers in a circular manner clockwise for two minutes, before switching to anti-clockwise in the opposite direction.


Hide it – Whilst the above treatments will speed up the healing process, they aren’t miracle cures and so if you do need to be somewhere public 24 – 48 hours after getting your hickey, the best way of removing it is to hide it. If it’s on a part of your body that can be hidden, the neck for example: wear high collared shirts or scarves perhaps. Alternatively you can use makeup such as foundation or concealer.

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Letting Go Quotes And Sayings

Letting go is hard and painful,however, sometimes we need to let go of the past so we can move forward. Here we have collected 10  Letting Go Quotes And Sayings to inspire you to put the past behind.



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10 Letting Go Quotes And Sayings

1. “The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”
– Steve Maraboli

2. Holding on is believing that there’s a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.
—Daphne Rose Kingma

3. Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.
—Hermann Hesse

4. “If you want to forget something or someone, never hate it, or never hate him/her. Everything and everyone that you hate is engraved upon your heart; if you want to let go of something, if you want to forget, you cannot hate.”

–   C. JoyBell C.

5. “Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.”
? Deborah Reber

6. Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.
—Guy Finley

7. Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.”
? Stephen King

8. “You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”
? C. JoyBell C.

9. Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself. – Deborah Reber

10. Forgiveness means letting go of the past. – Gerald Jampolsky

We hope you find these letting go quotes are inspiring.


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How To Be Successful In Business

You need to have strong organizational skills, good planning and be flexible if you want to succeed in the business world of today. When people start a business, they assume that all they need to do is open their doors or turn on their computers to start making money, but to their despair, they find that making money is tougher than it sounds. You can avoid this feeling of disappointment if you use the following tips on how to be successful in business, because they will enable you to be successful in business:

• Get Organized

You need to be organized if you want to be even slightly successful in your business venture. Organization will help you in getting things done accordingly to schedule and staying ahead in the game. Creating a to-do-list on a daily basis is a good way to go about it. You can check each item off your list once it is completed. This will ensure that you haven’t forgotten everything and doing all you can for the survival and success of your business.

• Keep Detailed Records
No business can achieve success if it doesn’t maintain detailed records. They help you in knowing your business’s financial standing and the potential challenges you could face. You will be able to create strategies for resolving any obstacles, which can hamper the growth and success of your business.

• Analyze your Competition
The best results can be obtained through competition. You shouldn’t be afraid to study and learn from your competitors if success is really what you want. They may be doing something good and right, which you can also implement in your business to make it effective.

• Understand Risks and Rewards
Taking calculated risks for helping your business grow is the key to become successful. You just need to know what the risk is. As long as you know the risk, you will be aware of the worst thing that could happen and the knowledge will enable you to take calculated risks for generating tremendous rewards.

• Be Creative
Always be on the hunt for ways you can make your business stand out amidst the competition and improve it. Be aware that you don’t know everything so you can keep an open mind for learning new approaches and ideas for your business. Read these marketing quotes, as you will need some of nice ideas for the promotion and brand advertising of your business.

• Stay Focused

Don’t forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You will not be able to start making money immediately after you open a business. It takes time for a business to establish itself and develop a customer base so you need to be focused on achieving your short-term goals and allow the rest to come together gradually.

• Be Ready to Make Sacrifices

Starting and managing a business is hard work. When you run your own business, you may be required to put in more time than you would working with others. You have to make lots of sacrifices like working on weekends, not taking many holidays and not spending time with friends or family to make your business successful.

Below is an awesome YouTube Video on strong women quotes, perfect for business women success inspiration.

Final Thoughts:

All you need is perseverance, focus and discipline for becoming successful in your business venture.

To your success!



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Health Benefits Of Happiness

Even on its own, being happy sounds pretty good and we have been taking it for granted for years. Only in recent years have people finally begun to appreciate the benefits that they reap through happiness and the positive emotions it generates. The health benefits of happiness are myriad and some of them are highlighted below:

Broadening your focus

Happiness paves way for a horde of positive emotions such as joy, excitement, curiosity, wonder and contentment and they can all aid in expanding the focus of your attention. Your focus becomes narrowed when you are angry as it is directed towards the object of your anger or wrath or the source of your frustration. Your mind becomes bent on destruction, but when you are excited, your mind is open and ideas and intellectual possibilities flow freely. This is why happiness is essential for being productive at work and having a healthy bottom line.


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Problem-solving ability

When you are finding it difficult to solve a problem and becoming increasingly frustrated, a good laugh is all you need to fix it. Humor is basically a lubricant through which your thought processes are able to discover a solution. Creativity is the mechanism underlying effective problem-solving. For your mind to be more creative, it’d be a good idea to read some happiness quotes online.

Physical resources

When you are happy, you become more playful and become interested in physical activities such as tennis, golf, running marathon, water-skiing and scuba diving. You will exercise more when you are happy because your self-esteem gets a boost. In simple terms, happiness encourages physical fitness such as improved heart-lung function, stronger muscles and increased flexibility.

Intellectual resources

When you are in a positive frame of mind, you tend to learn more. Education becomes enjoyable when you are happy and having fun because it means that you pay attention. Again, reading some inspirational quotes about being happy in life is a good way to uplift your spirit and maintain a calm and happy state.

Social resources

It is natural for you, as a human, to gravitate towards positive and happy people. This means that if you don’t want to be treated well, you can be as negative as you want. However, if you are interested in developing a rapport with people, then you really need to be a happy person, at least most of the time.

Counteracting negative emotions

One of the best antidotes to rage is happiness. It is not possible for positive and negative emotions to exist at the same time so you can replace all negative thoughts and feelings when you are happy. It is the escape you need to leave a peaceful and successful life.


When you are angry and under stress, your blood pressure is more likely to shoot up than when you are happy. In worst cases, you can also suffer from a stroke or heart attack. In contrast, with positive emotions like happiness, you can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure too. The effects of stress can be eliminated with happiness and positive emotions thereby protecting your health in the long term as stress is known to be highly damaging for both physical and mental health.

Thus, you should stay happy if you want to stay healthy.


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The Important Factor Affecting Your Weight Loss Progress

There are more than 1/3 of US adults are obese according to CDC . Many factors has influenced adult obesity , and a lot of people has taking a positive step by losing weight.

There are hundreds of methods individuals think they can lose weight.

Some individuals concentrate more on nutritional side of the weight loss program while others  believe doing body exercises is most essential to lose weight.



There are those who will certainly produce a mix of both the elements to develop a weight loss program, however really couple of pay the been worthy of interest to the mental state of an individual when it comes to losing weight, which, could be  one very important factor affecting your weight loss progress.

They will certainly talk right here and there about how essential it is to prepare psychologically to lose weight however quickly they will certainly move on to another subject.

If you are not feeling comfy around individuals due to your weight then you have all the rights in the world to go for weight loss programs.

So, How to stay motivated and loss weight?

One way is to join  online forum or support group for people who have the very same resolution of losing weight. You can talk to each other, support each other, spread out suggestions, contend and provide pointers with each other to remain motivated.

Another way is to read some daily motivation quotes from website like to keep up your spirit.

There are many other ways to stay motivated and loss weight , for example, get support from family members, give yourself a big reward when you achieve your goal, keep a track sheet of your progress,etc.

Whatever the method you use to motivate yourself and loss weight, keep it persistent and don’t give up!


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How To Conceive A Boy

Childbirth is among one of nature’s best miracles when you start a family. Couples who are trying to have a baby have often left the sex of their child unknown for the element of surprise. Not so these days, many would be parents want to know the sex of the baby before it is born and still some have gone to great lengths to increase their odds of having either a boy or girl. Just call it wanting to be prepared, but whatever the case may be, there are many natural methods used in how to conceive a boy and some have sworn by some of these methods.


Science has made the chances more predictable if you prefer to spend thousands of dollars to go that route. Many couples do not have $20,000 to spend just to get these kinds results. They prefer a more natural approach. The first method is knowing when ovulation is occurring. There are ovulation kits that you can buy in drug stores and grocery stores that will help you know when this event is taking place. This is a key element in determining the sex of the child because boys are conceived when you are closer to your ovulation cycle.


Boy sperm also swim faster than the girl sperm but they tend to die a lot sooner as well. The position in which you have sex will also increase your odds of having a boy as deeper penetration allows for the male sperm to reach the uterus without having to swim so far to get there, thus less chances of dying off before they accomplish their mission.

The vagina is normally acidic in nature. When it is in more of an alkaline state, this gives the male sperm ideal conditions in which to survive longer. When you eat foods that are salty, drink soda and eat red meats, this produces an alkaline state within the vagina and helps the male sperm to thrive. This too can help increase your chances of having a boy.

Sperm count matters and the more sperm that the male can produce the higher the chances that more male sperm will reach the uterus. Men should opt for wearing boxers over briefs. This is because it provides a cooler and less constricted environment for the testicles which increases sperm count. Another key is to avoid ejaculation several days before having sex.

For females, having an orgasm before your partner increases the odds of having a male child as this also helps to produce that alkalinity within the vagina. The Shettles method makes mention of this fact and you can research this method online or in books that teach you how to use it in predetermining the sex of your baby.

Wive’s tales have their place too, and while some balk at the idea, others have taken heed in these old methods. Coffee may be a factor in determining whether or not you have a boy. It is said that men should drink a cup of coffee before having sex to increase the likelihood of a boy. Since male sperm swim faster, coffee gives the body energy and may help those sperm swim faster and reach the uterus more quickly.

Babies are a joy to have, and while we may want a certain gender we will love our children no matter what. Our modern world is full of surprises no matter how much we pre plan and prepare for certain events. These natural methods about how to conceive a boy may help in predetermining your baby’s gender but there are never any guarantees. Resource:

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Pharmacist Salary

Being a pharmacist is one of the most rewarding careers in the medical field.  What does it take to become a pharmacist and what is an average pharmacist’s salary?



Becoming a pharmacist does require a number of years spent in school though it does not take as long as becoming a doctor. To begin, you need to have completed two years of college coursework in related fields.  These include:

  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Humanities
  • Social sciences

Basically, it’s your garden variety associates degree.  From there, you have a variety of options.

  1. Continue to receive a bachelor’s degree or a degree in advanced pharmacology.
  2. Begin a 4 year “Doctor of Pharmacology” program.  You will be required to pass the Pharmacology College admissions test before you will be allowed to enter this program.

Either way, it will take 4-6 years to become a licensed pharmacist.  Depending on where you live, you may need to complete licensing through your local government as well, for more information , you can visit .


               The responsibilities of a licensed pharmacist are many and varied.  They can include but are not limited to:

  •  Compounding and dispensing drugs as prescribed by the patient’s doctor.
  •  Transferring prescriptions from other facilities.
  •  Handling incoming calls from doctors and other medical professionals.
  • Logging drug and patient data into the computer.
  •  Completing drug utilization reviews.

You may also be asked or required to give advice to patients regarding their medications, potential reactions, or the use of over the counter drugs that they may wish to purchase.  Many people will visit a drug store that employs a full time pharmacist specially to get your advice.


As with any job, the salary that you receive will vary from state to state and in some cases, from city to city.

Currently the nationwide median salary for licensed pharmacists is $120,000 per year. This averages out to approximately $54 an hour. The top 10% of pharmacists have the potential to make nearly $150,000 per year, and the lowest 10% still do fairly well, bringing in $90,000 annually.

The average pharmacist’s salary has steadily risen over the last 10 years and is showing no sign of slowing.  In 2004, the average pharmacist made approximately $85,000 every year and it is increased progressively to reach the current median salary that licensed pharmacists now enjoy.

Pros and Cons

Becoming a pharmacist can be a very rewarding job, but like any career, it has its good points and its bad points.


               –Steady 40+ Hour Work Weeks with Overtime if applicable

-Steady upward mobility

-Plenty of job openings

-Lots of new options (Online pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, etc)


               –Above average stress level (But this can vary depending on your customers)

-No flexibility.

– Hired as a floater (Have to move from store to store, sometimes dozens of miles apart)

-On your feet all day.

Whatever path you choose, most experienced pharmacists agree that you should begin searching for your new position while you’re still in school.  A pharmacist’s salary can be an effective motivator for going back to school.


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How Marriagen Quotes Can Help You Rekindle Your Marriage

All marriages have a story in them. Some are usually bound to lead to breakups and divorce

while others are destined to last. For a new couple out there, being engaged or married can

present a lot of pressure. This kind of pressure if not relieved can usually lead to bad

places such as divorce. This is the reason that a new couple needs to try to be as

knowledgeable about marriages as possible. One way of doing this can be through reading

marriage quotes.

Quotes about marriage  have been known to contain a lot of information that can be able to

save a relationship. They usually describe situations in marriages and probable ways of

dealing with such situations while avoiding conflict. There is always a way to approach a

certain situation or conflict in a relationship. Learning such methods of avoiding conflict

would therefore be a very good thing for a couple wishing to be together for a long time.

Here are some popular marriage quotes that people like to gain inspiration from:



Image source:

“If you want something to last forever, you

treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don’t expose it to

the elements. You don’t make it common or ordinary. If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly

polish it until it gleams like new. It becomes special because you have
made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by.”

F. Burton Howard

“A successful marriage requires falling in

love many times, always with the same person.”

– Mignon


“When you make the sacrifice in marriage,

you’re sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship.”
– Joseph


“Love must be learned, and learned again and

again; there is no end to it.”
— Katherine Anne Porter

“Only choose in marriage a woman whom you

would choose as a friend if she were a man.”
– Joseph


However, in all marriages, one thing has proven to be crucial in leading to separation and divorce. The problem with money is

the fact that it does not have a standard. If you have too much it corrupts who you are as

person and if you have too little on the other hand you are bound to lead a desperate life

that may lead you into trouble. Having little money means the failure to provide the basic

needs for yourself and for your partner.

Sometimes, the most unseen threat to a relationship happens to be friends and relatives. These

two groups of people can cause interference in a relationship leading to mistrust and

eventually a breakup. You need to make sure that you keep a keen eye on them.

Disagreements as shown by research are one of the number one causes of breakups in most

marriages. This can usually be attributed to the difference of opinion of different people.

While it is good to be opinionated, it is not good to overly exercise this right allowing

things go overboard.

Be cordial in your conversations and allow the other partner to also express their desires and

feelings. After all it is not a dictatorship but a partnership. Good communication practice is

therefore very essential in all marriages.

Aim to be a partner who encourages the growth and development of his better half. You must be

able to nurture your love to grow to greater and better heights. Do not become the inhibitors

of the fulfilment of the dreams of your partner; rather try to be the motivator.



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